Today I want to talk about affirmations.

If you don’t know what affirmations are, they are positive or motivating short sayings you say to yourself daily. So, for example you can tell yourself every morning “I am going to have a good day today”. You say this before you get out of bed. You say this before your feet hit the ground! If you are struggling with loving yourself, you would say “I am beautiful. I am enough. I am worth loving. I am strong. I am…” you get the idea I think. You can say daily affirmations about any aspect of your life that you want to manifest something into.

On Instagram today I posted something I found on Pinterest. It says “It takes 21 days to start and a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle.”. Can you imagine if you tell yourself for 90 days and believe yourself every morning or night that you say these affirmations how much of an impact you can have on yourself? I just think that these can be so powerful in anyones life! I can’t say everyday is going to be perfect, but you have the ability to let things make or break you. What good does it do yourself to be in a constant state of negativity? That isn’t healthy. I know that I am reading a book at Declutter your Mind. I found it on Amazon Kindle and signed up for their 30 day free trial. This book is amazing so far! It is explaining how to help yourself declutter your mind. Stop negative thoughts. How to stop and remind yourself to realize what you are thinking and if its negative you have the ability to stop those thoughts in their tracks.

Straying a little away from affirmation, but I believe in my last post I had mentioned meditation. It has opened all of these things up to me that I had buried and put away for what I thought was forever. Almost daily something new comes to the forefront and I am then put in the position to feel every feeling I felt and sort it out in my head and then let it go. I pray after I am done feeling what I feel and letting myself realize that situation was NOT my fault or WAS my fault and forgive myself or that person that caused me these hurtful feelings. I pray for the forgiveness to stay with me for that situation and then I go to bed. So far i feel a little weight off my chest. I still have some anxiety about things but I am hoping over the next few months I will learn to control the anxiety with breathing techniques and change of mind processes.

But I suppose every morning or evening I could tell myself “I am forgiving my past. I am no longer anxious. I am better than who I have been in the past. I love myself. I love my life. I love all I am today.”. There is a power in words, why not use that power on yourself to help you be a better version of yourself?

Just some coffee thoughts this morning while listening to this affirmation video and thinking before I meditate.

Until next time

Love, Me ♥

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