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My name is Tosha. I am a woman of many titles with a chaotic, lovely life.

Hello! Welcome to my blog site. I started this blog in hopes of becoming a multi-tasking blog mom but, as life has it that just was not for me.

I began writing about my pregnancy that began in October 2017 following my 3 previous pregnancies. This journey has been so much fun for me and keeping track of my pregnancy will be fun to write out for my child.

As mentioned previously I am a mom. I have had 3 children, Clay, Camryn(3) & Christian(2). I currently have 2 on earth and one in heaven(Clay) due to a Congenital Heart Disease, HLHS. I share all of my children with my fiance’ Chad. We have been together since Oct. 2011. Above all he is not only my children’s father but my best friend, my love, my soul mate, my rock and my supporter. Like any other couple, we are just moving through life one struggle at a time and trying to find a way to make things better for our family!

My hopes for my blog is to not only continue to write about my pregnancy but begin to write about motherhood for me, tasking/schedules… all mother related things. I plan to start a small business this year as well for Etsy and I hope to share that journey as well.

I am excited for 2018 and what life has to offer my family and share it the best I can! Please do not hesitate to contact me!


♥Tosha Kincaid♥


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