Me and Baby update!

I had not realized it has been so long since I wrote on here! Tomorrow I will be 23 weeks. baby has grown from the size of a banana to a endive, to a coconut and now a grapefruit.  We are now able to see the kicks and punches on the out side of my belly and that makes me excited. Seems baby is healthy and happy in there.

2 weeks ago this Saturday(in 2 days), I fell down our back stairs. We got a new puppy on Valentines day and she ddn’t like trying to go down stairs alone. So I got up at 6:30 to let her out. As I was walking down the stairs I did not realize the rain on them had actually iced over. I slipped and luckily just fell down 2 or 3 stairs but beat my back up pretty good. I went to the hospital and baby was luckily fine! I on the other hands am still dealing with some pain. I bruised my back and hip bone, pinched a nerve and hurt the muscle all on the left side of my back. It was very rough. I couldn’t walk very well for a few days, had to have help sitting and standing. I am just now able to pick up my kids but still get pain if I move a certain way. I am on the mend though.

As for the pregnancy, I am still craving my sweets! Ice cream is a big one, I wish I had all the sweets… fudge, cheescake, cookie dough, oreos… there are so many lol. My fiance(bless his heart) has done really well at spoiling me! For Valentines day, he got me a big thing of Russel Stovers chocolates, some chocolate covered cherries, chocolate m&m’s. When I hurt my back he got me 3 different ice creams, my root beer, muffins, and some other sweet snacks I had been wanting. He does not condone my horrible eating habits right now(He is a big fitness guru) but he knows I am pregnant and these things make me happy lol. He is awesome. I still love my root beer and egg sandwiches. I am still drinking my 1-2 cups of coffee. I am trying to up my water intake but man I hate plain water. I have to do my stretches for my back but when I feel better I can’t wait to start trying to make a schedule so I can work out in the mornings. I want to make some posts about learning to make a routine schedule so HOPEFULLY when the baby gets here, I have a routine I am sticking with. That way I am still getting what needs to be done, done and then include the babies schedule. I have my hands full already lol but ready or not, here comes another thing on my schedule. I am excited though. By weeks, I have about 16 left since I will have a planned c-section at 39 weeks.

So, I think it is time I start sorting through some old clothes and finding gender neutrals and making sure I have some outfits for the baby. We don’t have a whole lot left from when we gave some things to a couple who were having a baby that were not prepared for one. Now we have to get some things together. Luckily with baby due in June, there won’t be too many clothing items needed. Onesies, shorts, sandals, head bands for a girl… Simplicity is key for a summer baby. And our theme being white and grey makes things easy.

I suppose I should hop off here and finish my morning cleaning. I would love to get caught up completely and then make a schedule to stick with but lets be honest, that doesn’t happen with 2 toddlers, 3 dogs, a cat and 2 pre teens here after school. I will prevail! I will win this battle lol. Just lots of dedication and hard work has to be put forth. Wish me luck and I will try to not get so behind (:

Until next time.

Baby at 19 and 20 weeks!

We are 19 weeks! Next Thursday I will be 19 weeks+6 days and we will have our ultrasound. The excitement my daughter expresses when we tell her she gets to see the baby soon is just overly heart warming.

So far so good. When I lay down I can see my uterus sticking out and right now it is right under my belly button. I have been able to feel this little babe moving about and its pretty awesome. No one can see or feel it on the outside yet but at night I always rest my hand on my belly and feel around to see where babe is laying. Its so awesome. But, what isn’t awesome is my right leg-never fails me- falls asleep and this has started this past week. Either this baby doesn’t have enough room and is laying up against something or I am just so lucky. I have discovered if I lay with a pillow in between my legs I don’t have that issue. I discovered this finally after a few nights. I was a little aggravated when I woke up to get my son out of his room in the morning and my leg was completely asleep and I almost fell over. So scary at first but I am glad I found what helps.

My appetite is pretty high at this point and I am LOVING my coffee and fruits. I am also a huge fan of Wonder Bread Whole Grain… I have never liked whole grain anything in my life and this pregnancy I have fallen in love with whole grain noodles and bread. Weird. And I also love to drink white milk. It will taste weird at first to my pallete but my goodness this baby loves it. I am horrible about my water intake… Like it is my last resort type of deal. I do enjoy ICE COLD water and I will sometimes use my MIO with electrolytes to flavor it. I have just never been a big fan of water and it is probably the most important thing in the world. I really need to work on it.

My energy level is higher. I am not passing out in the middle of the day or passing out as soon as we lay down. I can now stay up until 10 watching Sons Of Anarchy with my man and enjoy our evenings. I have not checked my weight gain, I don’t feel I have gained very much since my last appointment. I don’t want to obsess over my weight. Just keep trying to eat healthy and exercise which I have not be consistant with but plan to be. I am trying to keep up with my house which that on its own isn’t an easy task.

As for this sweet babe, it is the size of a mango this week! About 6 inches long and weighing in around 8.5 ounces. Baby is getting big! Right now the baby has a protective coating all over that we may see at birth. Baby is also getting its 5 senses! How exciting for baby… good thing baby will be used to sissy and bubby running around all wild and loud. I do feel baby moving when sissy runs around yelling and singing.

I made the mistake of not finishing my 19 week post so I am just going to move right into my 20 week post!

We are HALF WAY THERE ya’ll!!!

Image may contain: ultrasound

We have a beautiful, heart healthy baby on our hands folks! We did not ask to find out the sex but I made sure to keep trying to see if I saw things sticking out down there when she was measuring the legs but I don’t want to make assumptions but me and my daughter are team girl! Baby looked awesome in our sonogram. Everything measured as it should and we got to see baby  moving around, trying to suck its thumb, we got to see the nose and mouth very clearly and we got to watch baby move fingers and toes. My other pictures are not good so this is the only one I am posting. Baby wasnt very active like some of our others babies were so heart rate was 136 at the appointment. I go in 4 weeks to have an echo done and full scan with the hospital to make sure baby is good and healthy heart wise.

At 20 weeks my belly button is officially at my belly button and I can feel baby kicking pr punching around there as well. I went for my 20 week check and I have gained another 6 lbs in 4 weeks. That brings my total to 12 lbs so far. The most I think I have gained at this point but I can’t remember. BUT I have read gaining around 10 lbs at this point is completely normal.

I am loving my pizza and egg sandwiches and I have been sucking down root beer? Very weid I have never really asked for root beer lol but I have been loving it. Which works out in a way since it is caffeine free and low in sodium and well the only thing I don’t like is it is carbonated but hey, can’t win em all! The pizza could explain my weight gain(yes I have ate THAT much pizza).

Baby is the size of a banana! Baby is about 6.5 inches long and weighs around 10.2 ounces which means we are getting close to baby weighing a whole pound!! As of next week, baby no longer will be measured from butt to head, it will be measured head to toe (: Awe!

We are all very excited to meet baby! My fiance is excited to be expanding out family and our family seems pretty excited to have another newborn around. I am very excited now to meet baby but nervous about yet another C-Section and have it done with a whole new practice of doctors. All should go well though. Stay positive right? I am ready to just start buying all the cute grey and white things I see!! But, I have to refrain for now. Just 19 weeks left until I deliver(With c-sections, they typically schedule between 38-39 weeks.). So lets get these last 4 and a half months out of the way! Until next time..



Baby at week 18!

We have a baby the size of an artichoke in my belly!

Baby is continuing to grow and get stronger week by week. I have been feeling the baby for a while but for about 5 days I didn’t feel any movement and got really freaked out. So I did what anyone would do, I googled it. And there were actually numerous people with multiple pregnancies that have actually had the same thing happen. So I chilled out. I don’t advise googling, it can make matters worse but in this case I was so relieved. But I have felt the baby moving the last few days. We have a kicker, puncher, roller and I like to think dancing machine in there! And this little being is now experiencing hiccups, swallowing, yawning and sucking. Crazy to think that at this stage they are practicing their skill for the outside world!!

My daughter is so very excited to see her “baby sister” in just a few weeks. I am preparing myself for the heartbreak she may have if the baby is actually a boy. But for now I hear constantly how she can’t wait to see and have a baby sister. And no, I have not fed her that I think the baby is a girl because well, I am preparing myself for either. And to be honest, my anxiety about finding out is calming down. I am getting more excited thinking about waiting to see baby Caid or Callie for the first time with my man in the delievery room and find out together what he/she is. I actually teared up writing that.

I am already getting asked in public “what are you having?” and I love peoples reactions to my answer. FOR EXAMPLE:: After my last appointment, me and the kids ate at Frisch’s (I’m that brave mom that took them all by myself to eat out without another adult to help) and our waitress asked how our day was and Cam excitedly stated “I got to hear my babies heartbeat!” so I explained I was pregnant and we had just left our appointment. The waitress was so thrilled and immediately asked “What are you having?!” and I promptly said “We are waiting until the birth to find out.”. You would have thought I busted a 2 year old girls balloon. Her face was just pure shock. and asked why? And asked “Don’t you want to have a baby shower?”… well I have now have had 2 boys and 1 girl. I have things for both sexes. More girl than boy but I have had baby showers for both sexes. I am perfectly fine not having any of that. I actually didn’t have a shower for Christian. I have heard of moms having “Baby Sprinkles” which is a very small get together to give you gifts. I wouldn’t mind doing that. But really, I’m okay without it. So cheers to another 20 weeks of being asked and breaking hearts about not knowing what the sex is.

Anyways, I am craving egg sandwiches. Why? I have no idea. But they have been so good lately. I still can’t stomach chocolate milk. I am drinking a cup or 2 of coffee a day. and before I get mom/pregnant shamed, I am allowed 200mg of caffeine a day. Some doctors say 100mg. But this coffee is keeping me sane. And moving. So there is that. My stomach is growing but At night and in the morning when I lay down I can see where my uterus is and sometimes the baby is balled up to one side so I rub it and baby moves. Its cute really. I am just wondering what on earth is making my stomach look so big? All my organs being pushed? It really isn’t making since at this point but its there. I am not very big and feel I am looking a lot like I did with my daughter. My skin is super dried out though and that happened I remember with my first pregnancy which was my first boy. I still can sleep on my stomach a bit. I have to catch myself and put a pillow under my leg to take pressure off my belly. Not that it hurts but I am getting further along, I don’t want to risk squishing the babe. I did at one point ask a doctor when should I stop sleeping off my belly and they said whenever I feel uncomfortable doing it. So… take that for what it is I suppose.

OH and lately, my left leg goes asleep. This has happened with all my pregnancies and God I did not miss it. There are certain things you like to forget, and that was one of them. That and when they hit a nerve down by your pelvic bone that causes an awesome sharp shooting pain that causes you to not be able to walk or move. I am so excited. Overall seems my pregnancy and baby are moving right along. I just can’t wait to hit that half way mark and start preparing for babies arrival. So close yet so far.  Until next week!


Baby Week 17

This week the babe is the size of a pomegranate. Baby is about 5.1 inches long and weighs around 3.9 ounces. While baby is growing bigger and stronger, the bones are now forming from the cartilage and also gaining some weight to put some meat on those bones. How exciting to know baby is getting big!

Week 17 really isn’t so bad. I have some more energy during the day. I am getting things done finally around the house. I have read that I am allowed to have 100mg of caffeine daily so I have been adding caffeine to my daily routine…tea or coffee mainly. Coffee is my angel from above. I drank my first home made cup in months 2 days ago and woo…I looked at pinterest and google and all different sites to plan my daughters minnie mouse themed 4th birthday party and found everything I wanted in a few hours lol. I was on the go. Granted I couldn’t purchase anything but I want to start buying little byt little over the months leading up so when August comes, I have no worries. It felt nice to have the energy but I forgot how jittery I get soooo, next time I am sticking with a small cup, not so much caffeine intake. But it felt nice to have the energy to do that.

I don’t have many cravings… I did want brownies and fudge the other day.. but nothing crazy. I do still love my cereal in the mornings and could probably eat it all day long. I am having more cramping(round ligament pains) and my skin is itchy especially my belly and back. Completely normal from the skin stretching and its winter so that does not help with the dry skin I already deal with. I can not wait for spring.

I wanted to get on here and write a quick update about my 17 week mark, now I have to go clean and get some laundry going. I go in 2 weeks I believe for a ultrasound and I think the whole family is excited. I just wish we were finding out the sex….lets pray that baby shows and I just kina figure it out on my own without the sonographer saying anything lol. But other wise, my fiance is so excited about the wait and finding out on delivery day. So to say the least, June feels about a century away. I’ll write more next week!



Baby at 16 Weeks!

We are 4 weeks away from half way through! Crazyness…

I had an appointment last Thursday and we set up my next ultrasound!! I will be 19 weeks 6 days I will be glad to know the baby is healthy and doing well. On my 16 weeks mark, I felt the baby that entire day. Wiggling, moving and fluttering around(really, baby could have just had the hiccups lol). I haven’t felt it as much since that day but this just means I am going to start feeling and seeing kicks and hits on the outside soon. I hope my daughter is just as excited as I am for that. I can’t wait to see her reactions.

I feel much better. No nausea. Not as tired but I have no issues falling asleep at night lol. I am hungry all the time. I am getting some energy and motivation back! Take it from me, those first 13 weeks put the BIGGEST damper on my house. I feel awful about it. I have so many loads of laundry to catch up on. So much to clean and go through….if you can DO NOT TAKE A BREAK IN THOSE FIRST FEW MONTHS!! Ugh, worst mistake. I couldn’t walk downstairs without almost getting sick from my cats stinch and the thought of laundry just repelled me from everything. I am so glad the first trimester is over. My weight also was at 120 this last visit so I am gaining okay. Just trying to make some healthier food choices but man, those cravings for a boston eclaire cake, cheesecake, fudge, brownies…all the spicy stuff!! The struggle is so real. But I do LOVE having my chicken/steak for dinner with a sweet potatoe and whatever other veggie my fiance makes and a salad. Pasta. Pasta is my worst enemy but its whole grain so that makes it BETTER….right? Regardless, I am still trying to get a work out of some sort in if I can to help stay somewhat fit.

Baby is starting to hear me talking. This means the tiny bones in the ears are growing! Baby is also growing lashes, hair and eye brows and baby is getting tastebuds. Hope baby is happy with my food choices (; Heart rate was at 150 at our appointment(another sign it could be a girl!!!!!) and baby should be about 4.6 inches long and weighing in at around 3.5ounces. Over the next few weeks baby will double in size I believe.

So cheers to almost half way!!


Baby 15 weeks/wives tales and gender prediction.

We are 15 weeks now. Only 5 weeks from half way.

Baby is the size of a navel orange. In inches about 4 inches long. Although I don’t feel much of it, this little babe is probably hiccupping, bouncing, kicking and punching away. My guess is after I eat my awesome meals (;

This week I am still tired. I am hoping that eases in the next few weeks. I have had a few nose bleeds. I am always hungry. I love cereal and drinking the milk after, I finally was able to drink a Dr. Pepper and it not taste flat or like diluted syrup. But, that was first drink of pop I have had in so long that the carbonation bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved pop before and would drink it to calm my stomach with other pregnancies, this baby just isn’t having any part of that and I am more than okay with that. Juicy Juice hurts my stomach, my guess is how sweet it is, and I am a huge fan of milk right now. Every once in a while my fiance will bless me with a Smore’s flavored Starbucks coffee from kroger and I could kiss his face off for that! The caffeine is needed some days.

As far as dieting….ugh. I really wish I was better at it. I have pretty good dinners since my finace is super into working out right now and eating right, it helps keep me on a better diet when he is around. I typically have cheerios with a banana in the morning, I love to have vanilla yogurt with glazed pecans, I love my sweet potatoes and steak or chicken, I snack on whatever though and I need a better snack habit when we run out of fruit. We have switched to whole grain bread and noodles and to be completely honest, the noodles tasted weird at first(grainy to me) but now I love and actually crave them especially rotini noodles with olive and vinegar dressing. I’m drooling. Call me crazy. I do crave sweets though. Cookies or ice cream once or twice a week and I am a happy pregnant momma.

I did start doing some exercises last week. I did all legs and glutes Thursday and Yoga on Friday. For yoga I youtubed prenatal or pregnancy yoga and loved what I found. Very challenging, need to keep a thing of water close and take breaks but man it felt great and my legs and butt hurt for 3 or 4 days lol.

My stomach is rounding out at the bottom. I believe my uterus is about 3 or 4 fingers away from my belly button now and will ask Thursday at my appointment. My boobs are getting big! I have never had them get big fast with other pregnancies so I am excited lol.

So lets get to my gender predictions and wives tales….

I have been MORE than open I believe this is a girl. All my pregnancies have had nausea but the 2 boys gave me tollerable nausea, no vomitting. My daughter…I was sick if I didn’t eat enough or every 1-2 hours. Talk about needy. And this pregnancy I was sick to the point I was asking myself why did I decide this was such a good idea to get pregnant again. But here we are. And since we are not finding out the sex of the baby(I am getting anxious about this…) I thought it would be fun to do these and see how accurate these are for me.

My fiance had a daughter first, and then we had Clay which 2 years later we had Camryn and now Christian…girl, boy, girl, boy… most people are guessing girl from just our pattern here lol. But lets dive in.

According to the Chinese Gender Prediction Calender, I am having a Girl (: they ask what month the baby was conceived and what your age was at the time of conception. I got pregnant at the beginning of October and had my birthday October 19th..I found out I was pregnant 2 days later.

Image result for chinese gender predictor 2018

Next are some wives tales I found. I do not know the heart rate since I had my first sonogtam and I am NOT eating garlic so lets see some of these others…

  • Morning Sickness: Yes-girl No-boy (I had a whole lotta morning sickness.)
  • Cravings: Sweet-girl Salty-boy (I crave sweets! And fruit..)
  • Sleep on..: Right side-girl Left Side-boy ( I sleep on my left side)
  • Beauty: Stolen-girl Glowing-boy (skin is awful and I never feel like getting ready.)
  • Attitude: Moody- girl Happy-boy ( I feel moody a lot)
  • Mayan Calendar: Girl(even number month and age)
  • Ring Swings: I can’t find my ring but the last test I did it went in circles and that means girl, back and forth would be boy.
  • Hands: Soft and Warm-girl Dry and Cold-boy( I had dry warm hands… you be the judge lol)

Another thing I saw was where baby is laying during first sonogram…which according to my pictures is a girl.

No fear, I have decided to compile a list of every gender wives’ tale I can find AND try as many of them as possible.

So those aren’t everything I was hoping to do but, I guess we will see what happens at the sonograms and what happens when the baby comes out in June!

Although everything seems to be going well, I am still worried at all times that something may go wrong. The fear of losing a baby at any point in time is scary and having had a miscarriage I think heightens my fears. I just hope the baby is okay, healthy and happy while I am out here daydreaming and waiting for June…

We shall see what 16 weeks brings us!

Baby week 14

We Made It!! OOH OOH!! Week 14 is the official mark of 2nd trimester. Welcome to what they call, the honeymoon stage. We are 3 months but from always finding out so early, I feel like I should be further along…

This week I am still feeling pretty tired, mostly at night and not so much during the day like I was. I still have some adversions such as the smell of chocolate milk but don’t feel more hungry like I feel I should be. I am now less bloated which is my favorite part but I am able to see how much my body is actually growin even though the uterus, I don’t believe, is close to my belly button yet. I started off at my first dr appointment at 114.6? and weighed myself last night at 118.9. Little scary for me but, I plan to eat healthy this trimester and keep up with more water and juice and pop or anything harmful. Begin an exercise regimen I can do without my babes thinking I’m a moving jungle gym. Lol.

Most of the family knows by now I am pregnant but holding off to announce anything until we have another ultrasound and know baby is perfect.

Baby is the size of a peach, some say a pickle. If able to see baby at this stage, baby would be wiggling toes and fingers and even may be found sucking their thumb(insert the mushy awe!!). Baby has funtioning kidneys so there is urine being made now. The spleen and liver are also doing their job functions at this point. Baby is also forming a layer of fuzzy skin that covers their whole body called lanugo. It is thin peach fuzz that helps keep the baby warm and sheds before birth.

I am going to go ahead and write my post for gender predictions! I personally am just so impatient and idk if I can hold off knowing what we are having. My fiance is excited to wait but me….I am so anxious lol. See you guys at 15 weeks!

baby at 13 weeks

This week is coming to a close for 13 weeks and baby is the size of a lemon. And as of tomorrow, I am officially in my second trimester! THANK GOODNESS!!

I am already feeling a bit better. Yesterday I did not feel like stuffing my face constantly to find something to settle my stomach. I actually did okay during the holidays. I do feel thirsty a lot and am still very tired. Nausea is there on and off on occasion but mostly I am just hungry… like all the time. It can be a problem for our home because I eat EVERYTHING! But 2nd trimester looks better and better everyday. I can’t wait to have more energy and not pass out at the drop of a hat when I settle in on the couch. (So embarrasing.) My sinuses are better so less vomitting for me which is a HUGE relief. I don’t think I have gotten sick in over a weeks time so SCORE!! I have noticed I can not eat very sweet things. Pop tastes completely different. I HATE orange juice and actually craved it a few weeks ago and now it smells gross again. I am eating oranges as I write this though…I’m weird like that. I love tea and water. I love fruits and sweet potatoes and on occasion want celery or brocoli. Ooooh Milk!! I LOVE me some milk. I do crave ham!! Like baked ham that you get at Christmas. My mouth is watering as I type that! So good, except I am pretty sure my fiance took the last piece to work for lunch. I may rage a little inside about that. No crazy weird cravings but I do time to time have a metal taste in my mouth which i don’t think is good. Hold on, I better research that. (Completely normal, its called Dysgeusia and is normal for first trimester and goes away. Just tastes like I have change in my mouth or something.)

I feel baby from time to time. Being this is my 5th pregnancy, I feel things pretty early. If I am on a empty stomach laying in bed, if the baby is up I can feel it bouncing around. Pretty exciting. I was SUPPOSED to have my 12-15 week sonogram showing baby is growing with no abnormalties(done by measuring babies neck and taking blood from me to do blood work to make sure hormone levels are at proper levels.) but, I went to the wrong hospital and given my office only allows it from 11-13 week so I got screwed on the ordeal and wouldn’t be able to get back in until the 15th of January. Womp Womp. Oh well, I have a Doctor appointment on Jan 11th so hopefully at that appointment we will discuss my next sonogram and the echo I will need to have done. I just hope I have a good experience with this office from this point forth.

Nothing major has changed with baby other than it just keeps growing. At this point, a gender can actually be revealed especially if you do the NIPT where they do the dna testing. Pretty cool what they can do now a days. But, doctors usually wait until the 18-22 week ultrasound for a gender reveal if you are willing to have one. I am so nervous about not knowing. I just want to plan!!! But we decided that grey will be our gender neutral color and after baby comes we will add whatever it is we want to it.

Baby Callie or Caid, we are constantly getting close to that half way mark. For how sick you have made me and how tired I am, I am pretty sure your Callie but only God knows for sure. For all those times I didn’t want to move from the couch and just ate my life away…I am sure glad to be in this second trimester and watch us both grow. Feeling you and interacting through just layers of skin and liquid is amazing. Its the only time in your life you are truly only mine. And I cherish that. I can not wait to feel your kicks and punches. See if you play with my hip bones like your sister did or go for the ribs like your angel big brother Clay did, only once but he tried. See how you intereact to voices and how you react to different foods, sounds and temperatures. I am excited to see your face. Hold your little fingers and watch your brother and sister love you. Most of all I am just so blessed to have another baby. Another human life your father and I made together. Another person to love unconditionally and welcome into our overly wild home. You will be so loved and cherished. June seems so far away yet so close. I can’t wait. -Mom

Baby Week 12!

We are soooo close to 2nd trimester!! ( I know in a previous post I had posted something about being in the 2nd trimester…that was a lie I read. Clearly 2nd trimester isn’t that early and I am just now almost there.)

I am still slightly nauseated. Yesterday was a bad day of nausea but so far so good today. It isn’t so overwhelming and easier to get things going in the day. With previous pregnancies it stopped around 13-14 weeks so, HERE’S TO HOPING! My mom had morning sickness all pregnancy long with 3 out of 4 pregnancies…me being the one that didn’t give her the morning sickness all 9 months (: and they wonder why I’m the favorite(hahahaha). Anyways. The doctors office I am with right now hasn’t said anything to me about how my body is doing. Am I gaining too much? My initial visit I weighed 114.6 and at my appointment(with my boots, coat, scarf etc) i was 119.2. Uh, thats a lot for first trimester. But, because I had my 2 babes with me, they were a little rushy and seemed aggravated. Which isn’t to my liking. Not ONLY that. I have not had a breast exam done, they haven’t measured my uterus to make sure it is growing with the week of the baby(they do this from the outside of your body, it isn’t a vaginal exam). They have not asked for me to sign a release form for my medical records from my old office(I have completely switched states)… I am just so used to my old doctors office taking such good care of me and making sure everything with me and baby were okay! Its a little frustrating to be in this office so far. But I am hoping at my next visit when I speak my mind to the doctor things will change or I will have to look for another doctor to go to.

My belly still swells during the day but I can feel my uterus growing! I feel baby time to time(This is my 5th pregnancy after all) and am finally starting to feel uncomfortable sleeping on my belly so I will probably have to invest in a body pillow for comfort. It will help with my hips and keep my belly up so it isn’t hurting when it gets bigger. Believe me, awesome investments!!! Since knowing I will have a c-section I also found a c section recovery panty? It is called C-Panty  and it is designed to help with the healing process. Although I breastfeed and that helps with the uterus, this helps promote strengthening your core again, helps with the uterus and helps you to not feel like your c section scar is going to bust open.** IT WON’T ..unless you do something dumb and do something to make the stitching on the inside come out.** This isn’t my first rodeo! This will be c-section #4 for me. And to be honest I am terrified if I had to push a baby out of my vag at this point… and I am sure moms who deliver naturally feel the same about c-sections. To each their own. Another thing I am going to look into is a belly band!! Your belly can become so uncomfortable and like it is going to make you topple over, and the belly band will be an awesome support system for that belly, especially come 3rd trimester. And last but not least clothes. I will probably get a couple more jeans but come late April and May it is going to get warm and I am due end of June sooo, I hope I won’t need too many summer maternity clothing items. I’ll make it work.

BABY!!! Baby is size of a Plum. It is just growing right along. Moving its little fingers and toes and practicing kicking and punching.. and at this point if you push on your belly it will move away from your poke although you may not feel it yet, the baby is rocking away. All of the organs are developed and will continue to grow with baby and the brain is continuing to develop as well.

Alright well, it is almost 5 am and I better get a little more sleep before I have to get up with my kids which one is now standing next to me so I have to force her back to bed. I will be back with a week 13 update!

OH before I forget, I get to have an ultrasound on 12/27! ((((:

Baby at 9/10&11 weeks

I got a baby the size of a cherry right now!

We are now in second trimester where I am now allowed to consider my baby a fetus and not an embryo…I will stick with the term baby though. I read I am in my 3rd month which would make sense why things are easing up. But I am still not in the clear for another few weeks, if it decides to ease up. I am still somewhat nauseous, the last week I was getting sick a lot more and started noticing acne appearing. I don’t have bad break outs but this time around I am getting zits on my face and even had to have my fiance get one on my back…I am 29, I am not a fan of just now getting zits on my back. Any who, my nausea hasn’t been as bad these last few days. Oh and I had my first nose bleed the other day. It is completely normal for pregnant women to experience this during pregnancy but its the first for me. Although I am still bloating/swelling in my stomach still. It seems to be sticking around so its there even when I get up in the morning.

I did read if I upped my water intake and exercised I could probably lose it BUT, when I am getting sick off of sinus drainage and my stomach is in a constant churn it just didn’t sound like the best option for me. Soooo I am getting use to having this little pooch.

At this stage, all of the things baby has developed are now going to continue to develop and grow. Which means babies facial features are going to start becoming more prominent over the next few weeks.

……I failed at this and completely forgot to finish week 9 so we are just going to jump in to weeks 10 and 11….. (:

Pregnancy brain is real. Just so you know. I can walk around and be doing something and talking to my fiance and not even 3 minutes later completely forget what I said and what I was doing. The struggle is real.

So about week 10. Baby is the size of a strawberry! (I LOVE me some strawberries, and baby seems to also love them!) And at 10 weeks I am 2 months and a week. Woo!

At 10 weeks I am still getting sick, not as severe of nausea though. Sinus drainage makes me sick especially in the mornings. If I cough, its over. i am sprinting to the bathroom. For me though, I know my body well enough to know when I am going to get sick and especially first thing in the morning I try not to eat before because lets be honest, who wants to ruin a perfectly good bowl of frosted flakes with bananas or strawberries cut into it?? Not ME! I have ruined plenty of foods this pregnancy by getting sick off of something. FATIGUE!!! Oh hello fatigue. I am passing out at the drop of an eyelid now a day(ha). Not so good when I am at home with my 2 littles and doze off. But, on the weekends I take full advantage of Chad being home so I can nap. It is the BEST feeling in the world to wake up re-energized! My veins are beginning to show more also, especially in my breasts. Its crazy looking. The more they grow(I am cheering them on at this point), the more veins will pop up.

Pants are beginning to fit tighter, my swelling and bloating is finally subsiding in week 11 but lord my jeans are a little snug.

At 10 weeks though, the baby has all of its vital organs fully developed! Baby is still working on cartilage and arm joints and bones are forming. Fingernails and hair is starting to grow too (: crazy what your body makes. Most exciting is the baby is practicing swallowing and kicking already. How awesome!!


WEEK 11::

Baby is the size of a lime! Going from a strawberry to a lime and be a big difference. Which means you are now 2 months and 2 weeks pregnant! Congrats! almost out of first trimester.

I still have all of my same symptoms from the last few weeks as mentioned. Feeling a bit more tired maybe but, trucking through and have an appointment Thursday for my 11 weeks 6 day check. Hopefully I get scheduled for my nuchal translucency screening. This test is another ultrasound that allows them to measure the babies neck and check that baby is growing with no abnormalities this far. Most CHD cases won’t be able to be detected until around your 5 month ultrasound when most find out the sex of the baby, but is used to make sure babies spine, organs, head, face everything is growing properly…make sure baby doesn’t have 6 toes or fingers (:

Right now baby is all over your belly( I sat weird and felt it flutter across my belly but this is my 5th pregnancy so it isn’t uncommon to feel baby this early for me)! At this stage the baby has fingers and toes that are no longer webbed together and the skin is still see through but won’t be for much longer!

To be honest, since my miscarriage the death date of my first boy is coming up, I am so worried something is wrong. What if there isn’t a heartbeart Thursday? What if we lost this one too. The constant fear is always there. My symptoms are still nagging around which keeps me somewhat okay and feeling the flutter last week was awesome but, anything can happen at any point. And I fear getting too excited. I don’t want to get my own hopes up about the baby and something tragic happen again. As weird or bad as it sounds, hear break from a child just isn’t easy. So lets hope all goes well this week and I am back Friday with a week 12 update and good news about baby!





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