Welcome To 2019!

New Year New…. Me?

Welcome to the 2019 year! How exciting is it everytime January 1st rolls around? New goals, resolutions, new traditions etc. I had babbled so much about wanting to get my act together last year and never did anything about it. I was so discouraged with myself I would just let myself get in a funk and practically curl up in a ball in my head and just sit down. Do nothing. Pathetic, right? I know. But sadly, the overwhelming feeling most moms get from being a stay at home mom is so real and so very common just, well, not talked about.

I am not here to sugar coat my life. I am still a bit of a mess BUT I decided to take control of myself and my daily life. It has been 8 days into the new year and I feel awesome about the new choices I have have decided to make. Let me tell you a bit about what goals I set for myself for the year 2019!

  • My Happy Planner: So for starters, if you don’t know what a Happy Planner is, check out:: http://www.meandmybigideas.com/create365-thehappyplanner/ – for me this is an amazing way to start keeping track of EVERYTHING. And when I say EVERYTHING I mean literally EVERYTHING. Schedules for my neice and nephew, pick up and drop off schedules, dr appts, errands I need to run, grocery lists, to do’s, my house chores and cleaning lists.. just everything. I am so happy with this purchase. I went to Michael’s (They had a sale going on for the planners) and I got the Classic sized 18 month planner https://www.michaels.com/annual-organization-event/2019-planners-by-recollections-and-the-happy-planner/annual-storage-planners-2018  I suggest checking these out and seeing which one you would love more! Everyone wants something different. I paid $17.99 for the one I got and it is originally $29.99)..granted my planner actually started from last July to Dec. 2019 BUT the best part is, the pages are removable(I bought this one because I LOVED the layout of this one with the Monthly and weekly/daily pages). I love that I can decorate it and make it my own. I bought the Create 365 The Happy Planner- Planner Basic stickers at Hobby Lobby https://www.hobbylobby.com/Scrapbook-Paper-Crafts/Planners-Accessories/Stickers/Planner-Basics-MINI-Happy-Planner-Stickers/p/80848280  and some little ones at Michael’s. Seriously, look up Heather Kell on youtube and find the Happy Planner on instagram. I have found so many amazing ideas from these 2 places and OF COURSE Pinterest (:
  • Getting Up Early: Have you read “GET UP BEFORE YOUR WHOLE HOUSE” and cringed? Me too. I have a 4 year old, 3 year old and 6 month old… ain’t nobody wanting to get up earlier than 6:30AM to get “alone time”… But I do. I started getting up with my fiance at 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM. It makes for SUCH a long day but… I get up. I get my coffee and I can typically get 2 loads of laundry in. I clean up the kitchen and living room, do dishes, fold the blankets, make our bed, clean up the hallway and hall bath, I let my dogs out and feed them at this time, I meditate and I read a chapter in whatever book I am reading. Now that I have my planner, I sit down and make my to do list: cleaning list, where I need to go list, what I need to pick up list, any place I need to call list etc. I get about 2 hours of QUIET. It is exactly what my sanity needs. Granted, 5 and 6 in the evening roll around and I am almost dead to the world but, I am so glad I decided to start this.
  • Meditating and Reading: Let me start by saying I was AGAINST meditating. I precieved in such a negative and WRONG way. I thought I had to practice Buddihism to do this and YOU DON’T AT ALL! I was very ignorant about it. I take about 5-10 minutes and I meditate. It relaxes me, it lets my mind be clear and I meditate to youtube videos that guide me through. I Meditate for stress and anxiety relief and to be mindfull, grateful and happy. I love it . I feel so much better after. I have learned to do this BEFORE my coffee because my mind is everywhere instead of shutting up otherwise. I, right now, am reading ” Love Your Life,Not Theirs” by Rachel Cruze. My sister bought it for me for Christmas and I have not go too far into it but she is Dave Ramsey’s daughter sooo this should be a good book! The title itself is very intriguing given it seems we all love to judge out loves and envy others. Let’s be real, no one has their sh*t together 100%. Instagram photos are NOT reality. I do plan to start reading again “The Law Of Attraction” By Esther and Jerry Hicks. I started it before but the whole “entity” thing threw me off and made me feel very unfamiliar and scared to continue. But, I have watched MANY videos of Abraham Hicks and I am in a completely different place about the whole situation. If you have absolutely NO idea what I am talking about, Please, look them up.. Jerry and Esther that is. Abraham is the entity that speaks through Esther and gives the most incredible messages to people! I was raised pentecostal so this whole thing weirded me out at first until I watched the YouTube video of Abraham speaking of God. Changed my whole perspective, I even cried(shh…your crying I’m not crying). But I also want to start “The Secret” again as well!
  • Scheduling My Day: I have written so much about this in the past and I still suck at it. But, I am making sure that I am getting the things in that I need to get in. I do plan to start time blocks. So, setting a timer for like 2 hours to clean my upstairs, a half hour for the downstairs etc. I think I could benefit from this. Set one large task daily and even make the middle of the month have the tasks I need to be doing on a monthly basis.
  • Take Care Of Me: So I always put myself last. Never fails. I used to be the person who worked A LOT and had a gym membership, gto my hair done, nails done, tanned, shopped for me, bought whatever I wanted when I wanted it. Could stop and get coffee whenever and I could just run out the door! Uhm, that was a good 7+ years ago so that me is a faded memory. But, I have learned that doing something for yourself is so important and it took a while but fiance see’s this too. I make sure I dye my hair when I need to. I may not get to go to the nail salon and get my nails done but I will buy the nails at the store and put them on(cheap and dumb but it makes me feel good.). I also have bought FakeBake on Amazon.. it is by far the BEST self tanner I have used. I love it. I get the “darker”. It works really well and it makes me feel so much better about myself. I work out..when I can. This one is hard. I don’t have a gym membership yet so I use my couch, coffee table, ab roller, resistant bands, dumbbells… I use what i got. I do a lot actually when i do work out. I watch a lot of videos on instagram through hashtags and it all kicks my ass. So I recommend that.

So I am sure there will be more. My Goals I made the night of New Years Eve were to Declutter, Organize, Take care of myself, be a better partner in my relationship and find my niche. And what i mean by find my niche is I want to find what is going to make me happy and want to pursue to make a living. I follow Auntie Tay on youtube and instagram( I am not on facebook) and I love that she is doing what she loves! I bought a cricut because of her. I have actually used it for quite a bit. I love hobby-ish things but I also have always wanted to blog. I really just wan tto do something that is going to help someone love whatever it is I decide to do as much as I love it. If that makes sense? I am just a lost puppy over here at 30 years not just not sure what I wanna be when I grow up. sigh.

I have to go finish my cleaning before I shower. But I wanted to get on here and write a post for the new year! I am so excited to see what the new year brings for me and my family. Please leave your goals/ resolutions down below or what you are just looking forward to accomplishing for yourself or in life this year! I hope you all have an amazing day (:

Thank you for reading! Until next time..


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