38 weeks pregnant

  • Week: 38 and 1 day
  • Baby size: Winter Melon
  • C-section:12 Days!

Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, I am not dilated but they could feel baby head down and the heartbeat is nice and strong. Baby right now should be around 6-7 lbs and be around 19.6 inches long… My babies at birth have never weighed in the higher end(5lb 9ounces, 5lbs 5 ounces, 6 lbs 14 ounces) and this baby doesn’t feel like it will weigh very much either. Baby is shedding the white stuff that has been covering its body and just continues to gain some weight as we get closer to delivery!

As for me, my hips hurt, my lower back is hurting, I am getting a LOT of cramps all day(Braxton Hicks) and I am not feeling as hungry as I have been. I am craving watermelon though. Getting anxiety and nervous about my 4th c-section. It feels like it should be routine at this point but, I am still very nervous about having my stomach cut open again. insecurities show so much during pregnancy for me and I am definintly feeling some type of way about what if my body doesn’t bounce back like it has in the past. After my daughter, my metabolism sped up so, between breast-feeding and metabolism I have not had many issues getting back down to size. We will see how this one goes.


Had an appointment Monday(today is Wednesday) which is also my last dr. appointment before I deliver!! I was not checked this time since I will be a repeat c-section so my progress doesn’t matter apparently unless I go into labor and they feel dumb. I’m not bitter or anything. I would just much rather know if I am dilated or effaced enough to have to worry about going into labor. We shall see. As of tomorrow I have a week.. just a week until I meet this human being who has taken over my body. You may think that it should be nothing new to me being this is my 4th but it is just as exciting to have that new baby. Not to mention the nerves of having yet another c-section. Hopefully my healing process is awesome like the last few and I get through with no issues. Although my crazy household puts me on edge..

I have an almost 4-year-old daughter who will be amazing, I am sure a little overly nurturing but awesome with the baby and is very excited. My son who will be 3 in December… he is going to be lost. I may feel a guilty. He is my baby, losing Clay has made me really appreciate Christian so he gets a little more attention when I can give it. BUT he is a crazy kid lol, he is the one that loves to wrestle and play rough and pull on me and climb on me and just all boy there. I love it but it makes me very scared to recover with him.


Today marks my 39th week of pregnancy!!

  • week:39
  • baby size: pumpkin
  • c-section: 6 days!

Okay so I told myself I would have 2 separate posts going for 38 and 39 weeks but I really slack in keeping up here. I am now at my 6 day count down for this baby. I finally got my swing ordered. Only took me 39 out of 40 weeks to make that happen. No biggie. Amazon prime is my best friend right now lol. As of today I have almost everything I need. Lets be real, you won’t ever be 100% prepared for baby…i don’t care who you are. What you have. Where you live. What their nursery has or looks like…. You just can’t ever be 100% ready or prepared for bringing home a new life.

Why do I say this? Because babies are people too who can be picky. Some have allergies to certain things. Those 15 binkies you bought, they could spit them out and not take them. Those bottles you thought would be amazing? They don’t like the nipple on it. Your boobs? Oh yeah, they probably won’t feel the best after a few days and even if they are bruised, cracking, bleeding etc., you still have to feed your baby(If you are planning to breastfeed of course) so you are either suffering through the pain of the babies suction or your breast pump. Sorry ladies. Not to mention your recovery.

Speaking of recovery… I have been reading some post partum must have survival guides….. oy. I have repeated numerous times I am a c-section mom. I chose c-section with my first so he didn’t have to go through the stress with his heart, my daughter I almost had a uterine rupture, my second boy I opted because well my hemorrhoids were so bad I couldn’t move… this baby being my 4th I really had no other option but to take on yet my 4th c-section. We will find out if i will be able to have one more baby and if not, I will look into having my tubes tied.

Any who…

I have also read that c-section moms have the easy way out(SERIOUSLY?!?!?) or we just didn’t put in enough effort or whatever people’s perceptions are but in all honesty, I have had my stomach and uterus CUT OPEN.. I endured way more pain after delivery, I have pushed myself to walk to a bathroom and felt my legs shake as I tried to pee for the first time alone or stand for a shower. I pushed myself up to feed my baby at night without using abdominal muscles… it is not an easy process. But whatever, all moms have their babies.

My personal survival kit post partum usually consists of…

  1. a nursing bra: I breast feed so I usually wear the nursing bra under a tank and an over shirt. I do this so my belly doesn’t show and I have an extra layer of clothing to feel a little covered while feeding.
  2. Boppy Pillow: I say this because it truly helps while feeding and helps with the holding that weight when the baby starts gaining. Plus to be completely honest you will come than likely fall asleep during a late night feeding at some point through your exhaustion and Lord knows that pillow being there is a life saver when baby unlatches and you both are asleep.
  3. Colace/Ducalox: Just to be honest here, going to the bathroom after a c section isn’t exactly delightful. Taking a stool softener and a gas relief tablet helps SOOO MUCH!! I remember I did not take the stool softener and they make you poop before you leave… that was so bad. omg. Don’t miss your stool softener. The hospital usually provides a pack to take home with you but just to be safe I would say buy some extras.
  4. PADS: I am going today to buy my essentials for recovery and this is at the top of my list. The hospital will give you a few of the over grown pads that truly are a blessing but after you run out of those, you will want heavy-duty pads to replace them with. In all honesty, depends probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for this occasion buuuuuut I am 29, I am not about to go that route just yet. Lol. so I will say..
  5. Underwear: For c-section, I would recommend high-waisted if possible… the hospital will provide the most AWESOME(sarcasm) mesh underwear which honestly I use the first week home even if they are completely unattractive but hey, they are comfy and I don’t have to worry about ruining a good pair out of my drawer. High waisted underwear helps not to irritate the scar. Which believe me, you would much rather keep everything away from the scar as much as possible for the first few weeks.
  6. Squirt Bottle: Not like the ones you buy at the grocery for spraying plants or in my case, my dog to teach her no.. At the hospital they will provide an easy squirt bottle that is yours for the keeping. You will fill it with warm water and after you pee you use it to clean off instead of worry about wiping. It is a definite must have!
  7. Breast Pads: I feel like if you are breast feeding this is a no brainer but… sometimes I forget essentials too. They will forever be your best friends while breast-feeding. Sometimes they don’t catch-all the leakage especially if you are about to have a let down and baby is crying and they just start going all on their own… So embarrassing. But breast pads are a must!
  8. Lanolin: Breast Feeding moms all around use this and for a good reason… it saves your nipples . Well keeps them feeling better. I finally learned from my mother in law how to properly latch the baby to feed and since then it has been a HUGE savior but, sometimes your nipples will crack and bleed and it can be pretty painful. Lanolin or A&D ointment helps a ton.

Other than that, wear comfy clothes that don’t stick to you and makes getting to your boobs easy. I REALLY wanted to try UpSprings C-Panty High Waist C-Section Recovery Panty but I didn’t end up having the extra $40 to spend on it. I would love to have it only because this is my 4th pregnancy… my 4th c-section and I do worry about how my body will heal. This recovery panty is designed to help with recovery(after the scar has healed) by helping with the uterus contraction, helps with weak muscles, reduces possible use of scar cream, incision bulge… I seriously need to find a way to get this lol.



I have been nesting so hard lately! I seriously slack on this posting stuff so if anyone out there ever comes across this, I sucked. haha. I have cleaned the kids’ rooms, our room, both bathrooms, hallway, living room, took all the pillows and blankets in the living room and washed them, kitchen, laundry room, cats area, moved kids toys downstairs, got the dogs cages cleaned out, took all of our bed linens this morning and washed them, put new sheets on the beds,.. I have been keeping up with laundry, I have been making sure to just try to make sure that come Wednesday evening I have the bare minimum to do because I don’t want to have to come home and be overwhelmed by things. It amazes me the small things you see when you nest. I ended up spending a half hour on our fan in our room the other day because I noticed dust on our closet doors, so i cleaned the ceiling fan and the fan we have on the floor. Today I will get our vent up top in our room. I need to finish wiping down walls and all sorts of things. I am rambling…

Today I have to also make sure the kids things are almost packed for their stay at my parents while I have the baby. They will leave Wednesday night and I won’t have the back home until Monday. Since that is the case, I will be home Saturday evening and get to spend some time with the new baby and adjust a little. Get the dogs use to the baby. I told Chad to go ahead and work Friday but I would rather him be home Monday so I have him here with me when the kids get home and I don’t have to worry about anything. The dogs and my son are my biggest worries and I REALLY hope they all surprise me and act amazingly. It is also nice that the 4th is that Wednesday so I will have Chad home with me Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then again on Wednesday. Such a sigh of relief about that. Recovery is the part I fear the most. I will need 2 weeks at minimum of not lifting my kids. That is going to be the hardest part since here lately they have been extra clingy and wanting mommy to baby them.

In three days everyone’s lives are about to be changed by a new human life. How crazy. I am going through the same guilt stage I did with my daughter. I feel like I may be gyping my 2 on time with me. Things will change when the baby is here and they all have one another but man, the mom guilt can be real. I just know my mom had me and my brother and then when my sister came along it was not a big deal. Me and my brother were 7 years apart and me and my sister are 4 years apart. Good age gaps but mine are 15 months apart and then my son and this baby will be 2 and a half years apart almost to the date and then my daughter turns 4 in August.

I have been getting very uncomfortable at night. Leg cramps, can’t get positioned properly to sleep soundly. I am sure anxiety is not helping I am just ready to get this week over with. Baby is crammed in there and not able to wiggle around as much. I think we are all just ready and again we are BEYOND ready to find out the gender!!

But I am off of here, finishing my cleaning and final touches on the house. I will be sure to start my posts on recovery and baby asap.

If you come across my blog posts and find them helpful by any means, thank you. I write these so I can eventually make notes for my baby so they know everything I went through.

Until Next Post…


-Me ♥

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