37 weeks, hospital bags and more.

  • Week: 37 and 3 days
  • Baby size: Romaine Lettuce
  •  C-section: June 28th(17 days♥)

We are at 37 weeks and 3 days. It is crazy to think in only 3 days we will be 2 weeks out from having yet another newborn in our lives!! My appointment last Monday went well, I gained a pound and I am now going to start going weekly to appointments. I have one this Friday. I still need to be vaccinated for whooping-cough as well. But it is time to get all the last-minute things in place.

So far these last few days have not been an easy start to my almost end. I cleaned our kitchen for 6-7 hours on Saturday. You wouldn’t think there is that much to do in a room but omg. I cleaned out and on top of the fridge, cleaned the floors and table and counter tops and everything on the counter tops. I pulled the dog cage out and cleaned behind and around it. I cleaned the tops of cabinets and reorganized cleaned the inside of the cabinets. I even went as far as to clean the dogs bowls… its was insane. But I still have to get to the base boards and another 2 cabinets and a drawer a few other things put into proper places. But it has begun! I have also got lucky and got acid reflux like crazy. I have always gotten acid reflux during all my pregnancies but this weekend it was really bad. I also went to go to bed saturday and some how tweaked my back again. Which is really discouraging. I am not a fan of being immobile. So today is hot and cold compresses and rolling on a tennis ball to help. I have so much I want to get done! Baby will be here soon and I don’t want to have a messy crazy house. The last thing I will want to do when baby comes home is clean anything.

I am pretty sure knowing that I am going in for another planned c-section causes me more anxiety than needed for this baby. I remember with Camryn I was so excited to try vaginal delivery and when I heard her heart rate kept dropping with every contraction I was perfectly okay with a repeat c section. With Christian I was so miserable with the biggest hemorrhoids of my life that I opted for c-section at 37 weeks and had him at 39 weeks and 6 days… After your 3rd you really don’t have another option. I truly am okay with c-sections but for whatever reason i still get extra nervous and anxious but really right now I am more excited at the same time to meet this little human being and be done carrying this babe. That sounds awful but this is my 4th. I am tired. My body hurts. I want to sleep on my belly again. I won’t have a lot of my body to myself until after I am done breastfeeding anyways but Lord, I am done being pregnant.

As for our Hospital Bags! 

I have had our bags ready for weeks actually..well mine and babies. Chad’s I am going to get together this week. He doesn’t need much. I don’t expect him to stay because he HATES hospitals But I will list what I think he will like having. Here is the thing, I have read all of these checklists on Pinterest… they are nice refreshers on some things BUT a lot of the stuff people bring is just irrelevant IMO. Unless the hospital provides you nothing then some of the lists are great! In my experience the hospital provides you most of the things you need for recovery. So I won’t need to pack pads, a squirt bottle for cleansing “down there” after birth.. things of that nature. Ask your hospital or doctors if you will need to pack these things. I doubt it will be needed.

My Bag:: So as for me, I get really nervous I will hate what I bring. First of all, I know I am staying a few days. I am not going to be in the mood to change much that first day. I will be recovering with baby and I will be mostly groggy and the day will be a jumbled mess. Day 2 and 3 I will be able to walk around a bit and get myself put together.. possibly shower. So I packed this stuff.


  1. 2 nursing bras
  2. underwear(no seams are amazing)
  3. Socks(Just my regular socks they provide no slip socks usually)
  4. maxi skirt
  5. maternity gauchos
  6. 3 comfy tops/2 tanks
  7. a cardigan
  8. a button up
  9. a sweat shirt
  10.  flip-flops and slippers
  11. sweat pants

I still need to get nursing tanks and some more underwear. But this should be enough. Now as for toiletries..


  1. Make up bag(I would say if you have any compacts with mirrors or like in my case I have a Revlon eyeshadow pallets with a mirror TAKE IT you won’t want to be standing putting make up on at the hospital)
  2. a brush
  3. clips
  4. Contacts and Solution
  5. Glasses holder and cleaner
  6. deodorant
  7. a little bag for my jewelry
  8. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  9. nursing pads
  10. body lotion
  11. hair straightener

I will shower the night before or morning of the surgery. I usually wash my hair once or twice a week so my hair should hold up just fine lol. I don’t have a camera so my phone will suffice so I will pack a charger. I won’t be bringing my laptop.. they have tv there and most tv stations I watch. I will also bring my own pillow and a blanket from home.. I believe other than our first I have done this. It is nice to have your own pillow, they are usually softer and my blanket just because theirs never seem to keep me warm.

For the Baby! ::

So we didn’t find out the sex of the baby. This makes it a little tricky BUT I managed lol. I always over pack for baby just because I won’t know what I decide to put them in to come home, So here is the list for baby.

  1. Boppy Pillow
  2. a blanket for each sex
  3. a receiving blanket for each sex( I bring my own to go home with, the ones in the hospital are GREAT for spit ups and cleaning up things for you and baby so I usually end up with a stack from the hospital lol)
  4. a unisex sleeper
  5. 2 or 3 onesies for each sex
  6. A bring home outfit for each sex
  7. socks
  8. hats for both sexes
  9. 2 unisex outfits

So clearly I packed a lot for the baby lol. The best part is, my fiance will be back and forth from home and hospital so I won’t need to worry about taking too much home. I can send him home with what ever sex’s clothing I won’t be using. I also have car seats for each sex. The infant car seats my 2 now were in don’t expire until 2020/2021 so I am set on those.

At H&M I bought 2 tote bags that they sell for 1-2 dollars a piece. They are HUGE and hold a TON! I highly recommend if you don’t want to be carrying all of these things in and out. I actually have my clothes and toiletries bag in one tote and the babies things in another. I have put both of these in 1 luggage bag to take. So much easier lol.

As for my fiance..::

So, he will more than likely stay one or two nights. He hates hospitals but mostly hates sleeping there since he doesn’t get much sleep but hates being away! It is a catch 22. So I have been thinking about it.. at first I was thinking he is a grown man he can pack this stuff himself. But, I am at home and able to get some things ready for him so I will. I have an eye mask he will probably find very handy and I will more than likely pack him some ear plugs. This way the lights coming on and off won’t bother him and the doors and monitors won’t either. He will more than likely want a pillow and blanket from home as well. Since it gets cold, I will probably pack him his gym shorts and a pair of sweatpants, a hoody, t-shirts, tank, underwear and socks. He will come home to shower so I don’t need to worry about outfits and he will grab his toothbrush and things that morning.

As long as I don’t go into labor, I plan the week of the babies arrival to make sure all linens are fresh and clean, that includes the kids’ things. Make sure the kids bags are packed. Make sure the cat’s litter box is good and cleaned out properly, make sure the dogs cages are clean and make sure someone will be here on and off to let them out and feed them. Make sure to dust and make sure everything is in the places it should be. Make sure where the baby will be sleeping is set up and in place.. I say that because I keep the baby next to our bed for the first 4-6 months since I breast feed and can just pick baby up and put them in the bed with me or go sit and feed in the living room.

I will be back with a post for our 38 weeks update (:

Until next time,

Love , me!

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