Hello to 36 weeks!…tomorrow (:

  • Week: 34
  • Baby Size: Size of Butternut Squash

Doctors appointment went well! I have gained around 27 lbs give or take.. they weighed me right after I ate. Everything is okay with me and baby so far. I am just crampy a lot, lots of hip pains and uncomfortable at night.

  • Week: 35
  • Baby Size: Size of a Pineapple

I am CRAVING Dairy Queen Banana Split! I am very tired and lacking energy but starting to nest. And when I say nesting I mean crazy maniac nesting. I took 3 and a half hours going through and reorganizing our hall bathrooms closet. I have so far cleaned our entire downstairs, laundry room including the inside of washer and dryer, cats area in the crawl space, have gone through numerous tubs of clothes/hats/bottoms/socks/sleepers and have everything NB washed and put up for baby, I have my bag packed and my toiletrese, babies bag packed, Boppy pillow cleaned and covers cleaned, carseats cleaned and ready, Dog cages are cleaned out, vacuumed the stairs, cleaned our foyier, wiped down base boards, hand rails, walls around the stairs, have reorganized my daughters room, about to do the same for my sons since he just got a whole load of toys handed down to him, working on our room… I have a list of things still to do like dust the fans and blinds, make sure to wipe down all appliances and surfaces with lysol… there is still some I can’t think of that when I look at things I am like “man I need to organize that and clean that are up.”. It is getting real.

The baby has been pushing down and a few weeks ago I had contractions for about 30-45 minutes back to back it was weird. Since then i think I have had 2. I really am hoping my body just kind of goes in labor so I can get this baby out. With my hips and lower back, middle of my back feels like I have pain of either side of a vertebrae that is very bothersome and makes me feel like I need to stretch or pop my back. I have been trying yoga moves and stretches to help but it only last for a short while. I am very moody too. But back to baby, it is in constant movement. It doesn’t have much room in there so every little move makes my belly move all over the place.

My male dog has been acting a little different… I keep paying attention because I have 3 dogs and I want to see if they react differently to me the closer I get to having the baby. I don’t want to get my hopes up on my dog because well, I thought I was going to go early with my son Christian and if it were up to him he would have stayed in my belly for another week or 2. Luckily he was taken planned c section at 39 weeks, 6 days BUT when they did the c section they actually had to push him down to get him out. Never heard of this lol but it happened. This baby is scheduled for 39 weeks 6 days as well, I had my daughter at 39 weeks 5 days but actually went into labor and ended up having to have a c section. So 39 weeks and 6 days seems to be my delivery pattern except I had Clay at 38 weeks.

As of tomorrow..

  • week: 36
  • Baby Size: Papaya

I will have an appointment on Monday. I should get my whooping cough vaccine and get my group B strep test done as well. Maybe even get checked to see if I am dialating. But hopefully I will get another update up soon. This is all almost over.


Until next time,

Love, Me

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