Me and Baby at Week 32(Hello Month 8)

We are at 32 weeks! I have my c section scheduled for June 28th so that gives me 7 weeks and 6 days as of today.

Baby is the size of a squash! Weighing in around 3-4 pounds and anywhere from 15-17 inches. Babies skin is becoming less translucent and is starting to gain fat. Baby so far is very active. Reacts to certain voices like daddys, hates it when anyone tries to lay on my belly. Reacts to music and I haven’t tried to light test yet to see if baby will move away from light. At this point, baby should be able to see light and its pupils will actual react as well by widening and constricting. Pretty cool, huh?

I have so far only gained 24 lbs. I didn’t gain any weight since my last 2 week appointment. I did cut out my root beer and all the snacky cake foods I had been eating so much of! I did, however, pick up my imfamous 3rd trimester craving of cereal. Ohhh my God do I LOVE CEREAL! Frosted Flakes with a banana cut up, Lucky Charms, a big one this time around is Capt’n Crunch PB Cereal <– my mouth is watering as I type this. I also have ate a lot of Apple Jacks and Golden Grahams seem to hit the spot too lol. Needless to say, all 4 pregnancies have given me this craving so many its the whole grains? This whole pregnancy I have loved the milk from cereal, which I don’t remember if that was the case with the other 3. I didn’t keep a journal like I wish I would have.

So far no new stretch marks for me. I had gotten 2 from Clay at the bottom of my belly about an inch to 2 inches long… not dark. After my c section with him I thought I was just bruised. My hips KILL me this pregnancy though. They hurt horribly. I usually sleep on my left side with my legs bent and a pillow in between my legs which helps some but I wake up sometimes with pain from laying on that side too long so I have to roll to the right. Sleeping on my back is a struggle if I’m not propped up and at this point if I wake up on my back I have to roll to my side to sit up lol. It is a struggle. starting to get to that turtle stage. I am experiencing shorness of breath and having a harder time getting tasks done. My exhaustion is definently kicking in as well. A lot more foods are giving me heartburn/acid reflux which ugh it sucks but a anti-acid or 2 kicks it pretty easily. And I was in the shower and squeezed my boob a little and had some leaking…aka my boobs are making that milk baby!

I will be excited to see how I grow over the next few weeks, what my final weight will be and see if I go into labor on my own. This is crunch time and ugh am I starting to feel the stress a little. Not knowing the sex has made me not want to go spending crazy. But soon enough we will know if we have a baby Cali Rayne or Caid Renegade growing in my belly!


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